Formal Grievance Procedure

Formal Grievance Procedure


When to File a Grievance

  • Grievances shall be filed as soon as possible  and no later than 30 calendar days after completion of the Informal Grievance  Process.
  • For purposes of calculating all time periods set forth in the grievance procedure, official university holidays and breaks in  the university’s academic calendar and/or dates that the university closes  (such as inclement weather) shall be excluded in determining the time period.  Further, if the last day of a time period provided is a holiday, a Saturday, a  Sunday, or any other day the university is closed, the next business day shall  be counted in the same time period.

What to File

The Advisory Committee on People with Disabilities
C/O Ms. Karen Mason
Gelsi-Young Room 220

  • Appropriate documentation must accompany the OAS Grievance Form. This may include:
    • Any written correspondence between the student and the person most directly responsible for the complaint.
    • Appropriate disability-related documentation.  Documentation Guidelines can be found on the OAS website.
    • Please submit an OAS Grievance Form and appropriate documentation to:
  • The student will be notified within 5 business  days, indicating receipt of the Grievance Form by the Advisory Committee on  People with Disabilities.


  • The Advisory Committee on People with  Disabilities will review all information and documentation provided with the  Grievance Form.
  • The Advisory Committee on People with  Disabilities may contact the student, the OAS Coordinator, and/or other named  persons from the student’s complaint, in order to gather information necessary  to render a resolution.
  • No less than 2/3 of the Advisory Committee on  People with Disabilities members will be present to investigate the Grievance  and render a resolution.

Findings and Notification

  • The Advisory Committee on People with  Disabilities will notify the student of findings from the investigation within  45 calendar days of the committee’s receipt of the Formal Grievance.
  • A final written report will be composed by the  committee and provided to the student and the party at whom the complaint is  directed. Also, a copy of the report will be kept in the student’s file.
  • The disposition or resolution proposed by the Advisory Committee on People with Disabilities will be put into effect promptly, after notifying the parties involved.

Appeal Process

  • If the student or other parties involved are not satisfied with the disposition or resolution provided by the Advisory Committee on People with Disabilities, an appeal request can be made to:

Dr. Dimitrios S. Pachis
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
Gelsi-Young Hall Room 228
Main Campus
Telephone: 860-465-5246
Fax: 860-465-4485

      • Appeal requests must be completed in writing and filed within 5 business days from receipt of the final written report regarding the formal grievance.
      • Requests for an appeal must be made on grounds other than general dissatisfaction with the proposed disposition or resolution. Further, an appeal must be directed only to issues in the formal grievance or to procedural errors in the conduct of the formal grievance procedure, and not to new issues.
      • The individual appealing must address one of the following two reasons why he/she is appealing:
        1. There are new facts/materials that could not have been discovered prior to or during the committee investigation.
        2. Documentation regarding this new information must be submitted with the written appeal request.
      • There were procedural irregularities that substantially affected the outcome of the investigation.
      • The Provost’s written decision will be sent to  the appellant, all parties involved, the OAS Coordinator, and the student’s file  within 45 days of receipt for appeal request.

OCR Complaint

Although students are encouraged to attempt to resolve complaints pertaining to disabilities by utilizing the OAS Grievance Procedures, students have the right to file a complaint directly with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). Information regarding applicable procedures is available from the OCR.