Disagreements regarding determination of a disability, documentation standards, and/or reasonable accommodations:

This addresses situations in which a student does not agree with the OAS’s determination of a student’s status as a person with a disability, or the OAS’s determination regarding reasonable accommodations or services for students. For a student to be considered to be a person with a disability and request accommodations, the student must first self-identify to the OAS and provide appropriate documentation. Documentation Guidelines can be found on the OAS website. The OAS staff will review the documentation and determine reasonable accommodations and services to be provided upon an intake interview.

If a student is denied accommodations, the OAS will provide the student with information regarding this determination and recommend steps that may be taken for reconsideration.  If the student is in disagreement with the OAS’s determination and recommendations for reconsideration, the student should first discuss this with the Director of the OAS. If the student remains in  disagreement with the decision of the OAS after meeting with the Director,  the student may complete the OAS Grievance Form. Grievance submittal instructions can be found directly on the Student Grievance Form.