Difficulty with Accommodations

This addresses situations in which a student believes they are not receiving an accommodation or is having difficulty receiving an accommodation. This includes instances in which a staff or faculty member of Eastern is unable or unwilling to provide accommodations which are deemed appropriate and reasonable by the OAS.

For the above circumstances, the OAS recommends that the student first use self-advocacy methods (when deemed appropriate by the student) to resolve the issue with the faculty or staff member directly. The student may also contact the OAS Director to consult and/or inform the OAS Director of the situation and the steps the student has taken toward resolution.

It is advisable for the student to keep a record of dates and make notes detailing interactions with staff, faculty, and the OAS Director regarding the situation or event in question. Further, the student should keep all written documentation (including emails) that refers to the complaint or grievance. The OAS Director will work with the student, staff, and faculty member(s) to resolve the issue.

If the student is not satisfied with the result after involvement from the OAS Director, the student the student should complete the OAS Grievance Form. Grievance submittal instructions can be found directly on the Student Grievance Form.