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Study Abroad

Studying abroad allows students to become more independent and confident. It helps them improve their communication skills, learn new languages, and experience cultural differences first-hand. Students can build a strong resume as well as earn credits, all while traveling the world!

The Global Citizenship Council is chaired by Dr. David Pellegrini, back row on the left.  During the Academic Year 2011-12,
the Council awarded $30,000 to Eastern students participating in Study Abroad and Global Field Courses.

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                                 Global Field Courses

Study Abroad

A Global Field Course at Eastern is a one to five week-long experience carrying Eastern course credit, taught in part or entirely on-site in a location away from Eastern.

Why take a Global Field Course?  You can travel while earning college credits, try new food, experience new cultures, increase confidence, and learn to adapt to a different environment.  A global field courses experience looks good on a resume and demonstrates a success-oriented view toward a global economy. 

Questions? Call (860) 465-0207.

Study Abroad allows students to experience the world and the global community. They can gain cultural insight while living and studying along with students of a host country for a full semester or academic year, while earning ECSU credits. 

We invite students to explore ECSU’s many programs throughout the world – there is one that’s right for everyone!

For full-semester or academic year study abroad, call (860) 465-5066.

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