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Faculty-Authored Materials


The Connecticut State Ethics Code requires that, unless an exemption has been granted, faculty donate any profits acquired from the use of faculty-authored materials for a course they teach to a non-profit agency of their choice. Pursuant to CSU policy, the Vice President for Academic Affairs formed a Review Panel on Course Adoptions of Faculty Authored Texts and Other Materials to consider exemption requests.  The Review Panel's purpose is to assist faculty in complying with the Ethics Code rules.  Faculty may assign any material they want for a course, but if they receive financial gain they are required to comply with the Ethics Code rules.  The Review Panel can provide faculty members with an exemption from this bookkeeping task if they request an exemption and provide appropriate documentation.


If you wish to request an exemption because (a) the text or materials are recognized as the standard in the field, or (b) offers a unique perspective on the topic of study, please submit a cover memo indicating which category your materials represent, a justification, and supporting materials.  These materials should be submitted to the Chair of the Review Panel.  Documentary materials will be returned to the faculty member after the panel has completed considering a request.

(Please Note: You need apply only once per publication - NOT every time you teach the course.) 

For further information on the State's regulations and the process please refer to the document "Policy Concerning the Assigning of Faculty Authored Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials to Students Taught by Same Faculty."  


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