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Board of Regents Faculty Awards


The Board of Regents has issued a Call for Nominations for Faculty Awards. Please submit nominations to the Provost’s Office at by 5:00 p.m. on January 28, 2014. Additional information can also be found on the website


Call for Nominations

Board of Regents Faculty Awards

On behalf of the Board of Regents and President Gregory W. Gray, the ConnSCU Office of Academic Affairs invites nominations
for campus-based and system-wide recognitions of excellence in teaching or research/creative/scholarly work by full-time,
junior faculty members of the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities.  The awards are:

Teaching Awards

The awards are given to recognize faculty who have distinguished themselves as outstanding teachers for at least five years and
have a minimum of two years’ track record of promoting instructional improvements for their programs/departments.

Research Awards
The awards are given to recognize faculty from the state universities who are doing exceptional research/creative work.

Scholarly Excellence Awards

The awards are given to recognize faculty at the community colleges who are doing exceptional scholarly work befitting the
community college mission.

Each campus will select a recipient of the teaching and research/creative/scholarly work awards and those awardees will be
eligible for the four system-wide awards.  The campus selection process will be developed and implemented under the leadership
of its chief academic officer.  The campus’ nomination for the award recipient will be submitted to the Board by the
institution’s president.  A system’s selection committee will review the campuses’ nominations and make a recommendation
for the award to the Board’s Academic Affairs Committee for its review and endorsement to the Board.

Guidelines for the nomination and selection procedures have been established for each award.  These guidelines specify:



Source of Nominations

Selection Process

Number of Awards
Awards Timeline



Board of Regents Teaching Award