Synopsis of CSU AAUP Contract Funds for Faculty Development & Research
For information and updates, please consult the current Faculty Handbook, your respective Dean, and/or the chair of the committee.
More Information May Be Found in the Faculty Handbook.
When mailing applications, please be sure to do so at least 4 days prior to the deadline - otherwise, hand deliver.
  Faculty  CSU/AAUP Reassigned Sabbatical  Summer Retraining 
  Development Research  Time for Leave Curriculum-Related Funds
  Funds Grants Research   Activities  
Who           is eligible? All AAUP Faculty Full-Time AAUP Faculty Full-Time AAUP Faculty Tenured faculty who have completed six (6) academic years of full-time service. Full-Time AAUP Faculty Full-Time AAUP Faculty
What       will I receive? Up to $1,500 Up to $5,000 Up to six (6), typically three (3), hours of reassigned time. One semester at full-pay or one year at half-pay. Monetary award in relation to credit hours requested. Monetary award
Where   should I apply? Eleven (11) copies of the application should be sent to the Chairperson Faculty Development Committee.  CSU-AAUP University Grants Committee Department Chair, Dean, and VP of Academic Affairs Forms are available in offices of the Deans and Human Resources Requests sent to the VP for Academic Affairs Discuss with Dean; Apply to President
When        is the deadline? Early December - Late applications will not be accepted. (Contact the Committee for exact date) February 1 -  Late applications will not be accepted Check with Dean's office for exact deadlines Check with Sabbatic Leave Committee for exact deadlines Check with VP for Academic Affairs for exact deadlines Check with Academic Affairs for exact deadlines
How           may I use the award? For activities to enhance the ability to be a productive and innovative professional in the  capacity as a classroom teacher. To enhance the educational mission, visibility, and research stature of the Connecticut State University System. Proposal required.  The project must contribute to the body of research, creative or pedagogical knowledge of the applicant's discipline. Sabbatical leaves are granted for the purposes of scholarly and creative endeavers that strengthen the professional competence or enrich the teaching or equivalent professional responsibilities of faculty members. For curriculum development of courses and programs. Preference is given to new curriculum development over revising existing courses. For tuition, books, travel and related expenses. Retraining must be in areas deemed useful to the University as determined by departments or administration.
For further information consult:   Chair of the Faculty Development Committee; Faculty Handbook. University Grants Committee; Faculty Handbook Dean's Office; Faculty Handbook. Offices of the Deans; Human Resources; Faculty Handbook. The Dean; Faculty Development Committee; Faculty Handbook. Academic Affairs; Faculty Handbook.