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American Association Of University Professors


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What is the AAUP?  
Founded in 1915, the AAUP defends academic freedom and tenure, advocates collegial governance, and develops policies ensuring due process for all university professors.

What is the CSU-AAUP?  
The Connecticut State University American Association of University Professors is your elected collective bargaining agent. There are four local chapters, one on each of the State University campuses, Central in New Britain, Southern in New Haven, Eastern in Willimantic and Western in Danbury.

What does CSU-AAUP do?  
Elected officers and chapter representatives to the CSU-AAUP Council meet monthly to conduct the main business of the organization which includes but is not limited to negotiating and administering the collective bargaining agreement for full and part-time coaches, counselors, librarians and teaching faculty.

Other CSU-AAUP duties include:
* Monitoring the actions of administrators and the Board of Trustees.
* Arbitrating faculty grievances and violations of academic freedom.
* Monitoring activities of the Board of Governors for Higher Education
* Retaining a law firm for legal advice to the CSU-AAUP and Council.
* Testifying before legislative committees and meet with state and national legislators to voice faculty concerns.
* Participating the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC).
* Sending delegates to State Conference AAUP Meetings, National AAUP Meetings, and CBC Meetings.

What is the ECSU-AAUP?  
Eastern Connecticut State University American Association of University Professors is your local chapter of the National, the State Conference, and the Connecticut State University AAUP, your elected collective bargaining agent.

What does the ECSU-AAUP Do?  
Elected officers of the ECSU-AAUP Executive Committee meet monthly and represent you at monthly CSU-AAUP Council Meetings. The ECSU-AAUP fosters collegiality through planning and support of social events on campus such as welcoming new faculty and our year-end social reception. ECSU-AAUP administers the Collective Bargaining Agreement (Contract) on our campus and maintains a cadre of trained grievance officers to represent you when you think contractual rights have been violated.

Am I a member?  
All full and part-time teaching faculty, counselors, librarians and coaches are automatically members of the CSU-AAUP Bargaining Unit and have dues or agency fees, equal to 1% of salary, deducted from their paychecks. However faculty are not automatically members of the AAUP.

To become a full member of ECSU-AAUP, CSU-AAUP and AAUP, you simply sign a membership form. There is no additional cost. If you are not sure of your membership status, please call the office (5-5153) and ask Karen Patterson, our office staff person.

Benefits of membership:
* Right to hold office
* Voting privileges
* Access to member benefits
* Subscription to Academe

What if I choose not to be a member?  
If you choose not to sign a membership form, then you are considered an agency fee payer. Your fee is the same amount and is collected in the same manner as membership dues. The philosophy behind the agency fee is that every member of the bargaining unit benefits from CSU-AAUP's main function as contract negotiator and administrator.

Where do my dues (or agency fees) go?  
CSU-AAUP collects dues by payroll deduction and pays the following annual dues on behalf of each member:

Dues PaidFull TimePart Time
National AAUP$168.00$42.00
State Conference$7.00 $7.00

The balance remains with CSU-AAUP and is used primarily for the purpose of performing its duties as the exclusive representative of the faculty, e.g., for use in collective bargaining, contract administration and grievance processing.

CSU-AAUP employs the services of six full-time staff housed at Central and Southern, and two part-time staff at Western and Eastern. The latter includes Karen Patterson, our ECSU-AAUP office administrator and webmaster. The AAUP staff is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the chapter and CSU-AAUP offices and for carrying out the decisions of the CSU-AAUP Council.

CSU-AAUP Full-Time Staff  
President: Vijay Nair, 203-837-9116
Director of Member Services: Caryl Schiff-Greatorex, 2-3791
Asst. Director of Member Services: Michelle Malinowski, 2-3790
Business Manager: Steve Greatorex, 2-3792

Communication Associate: Ellen Benson, 2-3793

Member Services Coordinator, SCSU: Linda Cunningham, 2-5980

SCSU-AAUP Office Assistant: Gary Holder-Winfield, 2-5975

Who do I contact? ECSU-AAUP Officers  
Please click here for our Current List of Officers

What is the CBC?  
The CBC is the Collective Bargaining Congress - the collective bargaining arm of the National AAUP, which represents sixty percent of active AAUP members. It is comprised of all of the collective bargaining chapters of the National AAUP and makes recommendations to the National Council and Annual Meeting on matters concerning the purpose, structure, and work of the AAUP. It also operates workshops to train its members to negotiate and administer contracts. The Chair of the CBC is ex officio on the AAUP National Council and Executive Committee. The CBC meets in December and in conjunction with the National AAUP Meeting in June.

What is SEBAC?  
SEBAC stands for State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition. It is the coalition of all state employees' unions, mandated by State Statute to bargain for Health Care and Pension Benefits.


Karen Patterson

Goddard Hall 121
Eastern Connecticut State University
Willimantic, CT 06226

Phone: (860) 465-5153
FAX: (860) 465-5290

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