Table Talk

A Periodic Report on CSU-AAUP Contract Negotiations


Issue 1: November 9, 2006

Sessions 1 through 6




This is the first in a series of email articles, which will be sent out as soon as possible after each negotiation session. Negotiations will generally take place each Thursday so you should normally expect a new edition of Table Talk to be sent out on the following Monday. Each article will generally be a short report on what went on during that session. For additional news and views on the negotiations, make sure you read the CSU-AAUP Newsletter, Union News and your local chapter newsletter. By way of these three venues, we hope to keep you as fully informed on the progress of the negotiations as possible. Do not hesitate to contact any team member if you have any questions.


Issue 1          AAUP Table Talk          November 9, 2006


         We hoped to be able to report some significant progress in our first issue of Table Talk, but after six negotiating sessions, few substantive issues have been resolved. Following is a general report on what has taken place so far on Thursday afternoons in the Board Room at the CSU system office in Hartford.

              Negotiations opened on September 28 when both sides exchanged contract proposals. The initial session was devoted to each side explaining their respective proposals and answering questions. (For a summary of major proposals on both sides, please see the October issue of the CSU-AAUP Union News available on the CSU-AAUP website at At the following session, both sides agreed to consider relatively minor issues on which there was the greatest possibility of reaching accord. More than a dozen clarifications and word changes were agreed upon, none of which made substantial alterations to current practices.

              The next four sessions were devoted to more contentious issues, including management’s proposal to create a new rank of Endowed Chair and the AAUP’s proposals to provide more faculty load credits (FLCs) for research and other academic activities. As changes in workload are potentially expensive and will have a budgetary impact, management linked AAUP’s workload proposals to the total financial package, which also includes salaries and special funds (travel, faculty development, research grants, curriculum-related activities and retraining). The linkage is understandable, but as management has so far failed to present its economic package, there has been little progress on workload issues.

              At the November 9 negotiating session, discussions continued without agreement over distance education, coaches, and the Endowed Chair. Both sides did agree in principle to changes in the promotion-and-tenure procedures somewhat similar to those originally proposed by management. The provost would replace the president as the final decision maker, except at Eastern, where the president would retain that role. In addition, the provost’s negative decision in penultimate tenure decisions would be appealed automatically to the president if two of the three recommendations of the DEC, dean, and Promotion and Tenure Committee were positive. Specific contract language will be drafted to reflect this tentative agreement.

              The two teams agreed to resume negotiations on Wednesday, November 22, on the assumption that management will present their financial package. We hope to have more information to share with the membership following Thanksgiving break.

Current Negotiators

For the American Association of University Professors

Mr. Vijay Nair (Chief Negotiator, WCSU, Librarian)

Mr. Greg Adler (CSU-AAUP Attorney)

Dr. Carol Austad (CCSU, Professor of Psychology)

Dr. Cindy White (CCSU, Professor of Communication)

Dr. George Murphy (CCSU, Instructor of Mathematics)

Dr. Emil Pocock (ECSU, Professor of History)

Dr. Elena Tapia (ECSU, Professor of Linguistics)

Dr. Virginia Metaxas (SCSU, Professor of History)

Dr. John Kavanagh (SCSU, Professor of Mathematics)

Dr. Michele Ganon (WCSU, Professor of Accounting)

Ms. Caryl Schiff-Greatorex (CSU-AAUP, Director of Member Services)


For the Board of Trustees

Mr. David Trainor (Chief Negotiator, CSU, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Relations and Labor Relations)

Ms. Yvette Thiesfield (CSU, Chief of Staff)

Ms. Anne Alling (CCSU, Chief Officer for Human Resources)

Dr. Michael Pernal (ECSU, Executive Vice President) 

Dr. DonnaJean Fredeen (SCSU, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences)

Ms. Maria Houser (SCSU, Interim Associate Vice President for Human Resources)

Mr. Charles Spiridon (WCSU, Dean of Human Resources Management)

Dr. Ellen Durnan (WCSU, Dean of Graduate Studies)