Connecticut State University American Association of University Professors


The Board of Trustees for the Connecticut State University System




As a result of the recent collective bargaining negotiations that resulted in a successor collective bargaining agreement effective August 25, 2007, the parties agree to appoint a Standing Committee to study and compose periodic reports and recommendations to the Chancellor of CSUS and the President of CSU-AAUP regarding Distance Learning as provided for in Article 10.15 of the successor collective bargaining agreement noted above.


       1.      The Committee shall consist of eight (8) individuals: four (4) tenured members

                of CSU-AAUP at the rank of Associate Professor or above, one from each of

                the universities, appointed by the President of CSU-AAUP and four (4)

                academic officers at the rank of Dean or above, one from each of the

                universities, appointed by the Chancellor of CSUS.  In addition, one staff

                member from the Office of the Chancellor and a representative of CSU-

                AAUP shall participate as members of the committee. 

       2.     The Committee shall be appointed no later than February 15, 2007.

       3.      The Committee shall review and compose a report, in consultation with

                 appropriate constituencies of the four universities, on the following:


                 a. The operation of Distance Learning initiatives;

                 b. The administration of technology resources related to Distance Learning;

                 c. The support provided to faculty and students;

                 d. Efforts to ensure the enhancement, expansion, utilization, and provision of

                     high quality programs for students; and

                 e. The use of Distance Learning in the furtherance of the respective university

                     and system missions.

       4.      The Committee shall have the opportunity to review and comment upon the

                effectiveness of Distance Learning initiatives, recommending appropriate

                operational and qualitative enhancement/improvements, and providing useful

                information to facilitate the effective administration of the program.

      5.      The Chancellor of CSUS and the President of CSU-AAUP or their respective

               designees shall receive periodic reports and make appropriate individual or

               collective adjustments, if necessary.

      6.      The reports are intended to be informational only and hold no independent

               contractual authority.  The parties agree that any operational or contractual

               alterations arising from this committee’s efforts will be reduced to writing and

               executed pursuant to a subsequent Letter of Agreement.



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Revised: December 21, 2006

LETTER OF AGREEMENT - AAUP Distance Learning Study Committee 12.06